Christmas and other Calendar Holidays are great opportunities for Malls and Hotels to promote the overall identity of their centers.


Transforming your interiors and exteriors gives a glow to your space in a way that calls out to shoppers and passers-by.For malls,decor beginning from the glorified driveways into pathways,the mall entrance,and strategic placement of decorations enables shoppers to be part of your Christmas Landscape.By making the path people take festive and celebratory, you will not only attract and mesmerize shoppers but also give brand-bound tenants a chance to benefit from your shopping center commercial decorations thus supporting the boost of sales for their business.


Rhyno International is the front runner for Hotel and Mall Decor.We are in the business of helping people celebrate. Showcasing impressive displays of creativity and amazing designs,we make spaces memorable and turn them into experiences that  become  opportunities for people to celebrate with their friends and families precious moments such as Christmas day,Valentines day,Easter,Halloween etc.








We have an impressive array of inventory to handle the illumination needs for your wedding, party or any lighting and decor project.

Our lighting designers will help turn your vision into a reality, creating custom lighting solutions that will heighten the overall experience for your audience.

Using the latest technology, our experienced team will find the perfect solution for your lighting decor by harnessing the power of artistic illumination to add drama, impact and emotion to your event.


Broadly, the services to be provided by Rhyno International Ltd. are as follows:


  1.  Services during project conceptualization

  • Preparation of a conceptual project report covering the preliminary design of the project.

  • Prediction of coverage and estimation of field area.

  • Cost estimate of the project.

  2.Services during project implementation

  • Licensing Clearance

  • Procurement of equipment including drawing of specifications

  • Installation of Decor Equipment

  • Testing, Integration and Commissioning

  • Maintenance

  • Removal of products


Rhyno International Ltd. prides itself as a source for genuine, original equipment and products from well established suppliers both locally and overseas.

We source our products from the best and reliable manufacturers guaranteeing our clients value for their money. It is our policy to maintain quality standards by conforming to best practices, which includes inspection, and testing our products before their subsequent installment.